Published Documents

Participatory Restoration of Mangrove Forests - 5-year Activity of U To Village, Myanmar (PDF, 7,263KB)

/ 2021,Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program of Toyota Motor Corporation

Asia Wetlands Symposium

Siem reap message (PDF, 212KB)

/ Ramsar Pre-COP12 Asia Regional Meeting( 3rd, 2014, Nov -7th, Cambodia)

Myanmar Report (PDF, 924KB)

/2013, KNCF project,



Wuxi Declaration <English>(PDF, 93KB)

<Asian language> (PDF, 2MB)

/ 2011, Asia wetlands symposium Wuxi 2011(11,Oct,2011-13, China)




Sabah Call for Action<英語版>(PDF, 88KB)

<Asian Language>(PDF, 3MB)

/ Asia wetlands symposium Sabah 2011 (18, July,2011 - 20 Malaysia, Sabah, Kota Kinabalu)




●Hanoi call(PDF, ●KB)/Asia Wetlands symposium 2008 (22, June, 2008 - 25 Viet nam, Hanoi)